El señor de las mentiras

El señor de las mentiras

Tu no puedes
Tu nunca cambiarás
Tu eres un pecador
Tu no conoces a Dios
Tu no estás liberado
Te agredieron sexualmente y nunca serás feliz
Tu eres madre soltera, quien te va a aceptar o querer
Tu nunca serás cabeza
Tu te caes y nunca podrás levantarte otra vez
No te aceptan por tu imagen
Tu te vas a morir
Tu eres infeliz
Tu tienes un vacío en tu interior
Tu no puedes recibir el Espíritu Santo
Tu no eres lo suficientemente bueno
Tu no puedes superar este pecado o vicio; es parte de quien tú eres
Tu no puedes pedir perdón, lo que hiciste es terrible.
Tu, tu, tu, tu, tu, tu, tu, tu,tu... 

Pero el Señor de la Verdad dice “Estoy contigo….” La pregunta es, ¿A quién vas a escuchar?

Uma palavra de fé - Bispo Guaracy Santos

Insista, persista, non mollare mai

Возмущенный человек

«Блаженны алчущие и жаждущие правды, ибо они насытятся» (Матфея 5:6)
Те, кто по настоящему возмущены имеют жажду правды и справедливости, они не принимают верить в Бога и иметь жизнь в поражении.
Возмущенный человек не успокоится пока не добьется того, что ему положено.
Как голодный не может успокоится пока не утолит голод, пока не поест, но будет искать возможности изо всех сил, не так ли?

Нам нужно пить и есть, когда мы начинаем чувствовать голод или жажду, все знают, что ни пища, ни вода не появляются сами по себе. Мы понимаем, что чтобы есть нам нужно пойти в магазин, приобрести продукты и приготовить их.
В любом случае, если мы хотим есть — мы должны заплатить за них ту цену, которую они стоят. И чем качественнее и полезнее продукты для моего здоровья, тем они дороже стоят.
Чтобы наслаждаться лучшим нужно заплатить цену.
Возмущенный человек не просто имеет голод и жаждет правды, но отдает все свои силы, чтобы победить, — это показывает что он действительно жаждет.

Потому что есть разница между тем, чтобы иметь желание и жаждать. Кто только имеет желание не отдает все свои силы.
Но кто жаждет, готов пожертвовать своими желаниями, чтобы Божьи обетования осуществились.
Если вы верите в Бога и в вашей жизни нет того, что Бог обещает тогда это несправедливо!
Возмущение против несправедливости производит действие, отдачу и настойчивость! И когда есть полная отдача — есть результат. Если есть возмущение — есть результат!
Несправедливо, что вы верите в Бога и не видите в вашей жизни проявления этого могущественного Бога!
Больше недостаточно просто верить, — нужно быть голодным, жаждать справедливости, действовать, отдаться Ему на 100%!

Нужно возмутиться и бороться с настойчивостью для того, чтобы завоевать ту жизнь которую Иисус обещал «…Я пришел для того, чтобы имели жизнь и имели с избытком.» (от Иоанна 10:10), и главное победить царство тьмы и быть верным Богу до конца, чтобы завоевать спасение.
Надеюсь, что я помог тебе в чем-то …
Никогда не отказывайся от твоей мечты!


We shouldn’t play with words....

We shouldn’t play with words.
They don’t go away or evaporate in the air, they can even mark a person’s life forever. And it can also influence his or her life in a negative way.
Mothers must be careful when talking to their children; wives when talking to their husbands, and so on. Once it’s said, it’s said…
Do you realize that your words, the words that you speak out of your mouth everyday, have the power of death and life?

You speak either blessing or cursing when you talk. Your words are spirit. -The saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me", is a lie because God's Word says the just opposite: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof". (Proverbs 18:21)

Pro 12:18
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

Do you notice the arrows that fly off the tongue?
The tongues that are swords?
Where do this arrows land, what do these words pierce?

Psa 39:1
"I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will put a muzzle on my mouth as long as the wicked are in my presence."

They that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Did you get that?
You are eating the fruit of your tongue, your words, in your life. you control your circumstances by the things you are speaking. Do you find yourself ever saying things like, "This is killing me" or "I'm getting sick", "I will never get out of debt", "I'm depressed", "my kids will never get off drugs". etc?

When you say such things you are confessing those things in your own life, or even the life of someone else. Listen to what God says about the subject, "The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips". (Proverbs 16:23)

The heart of the wise teaches his mouth. Are you wise?
Do you want to be wise?
Then teach your mouth to say positive things over yourself and your family. Speak healing over your body, speak protection over your family, speak success over your life. Curse diseases, curse sicknesses, speak death to the cancer with your tongue!

God gave you that authority in the words that you speak. Christians have for so long not understood this authority. Learn not to SAY negative things about you or anyone else.
Jesus knew about this Kingdom principal when He said, "The words that I speak to you are Spirit, and they are life". (John 6:63)

Jesus understood the authority of His words.
Remember when He spoke to the fig tree and cursed it?
What happened to it?
It withered and died. He killed it with His words. (Matthew 21:19)

Are you killing anything with your words or are you speanking life to yourself and your family?
James chapter 3 says this, "For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the horses' mouths, that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body. Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth.

Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!"

Your tongue controls your life just like the small rudder controls a large ship!

We can control our words, if the Holy Spirit help us to do it. As long as the Holy Spirit work within us, our tongues won't be dangerous.
Next time you speak, be careful what you say...
God bless all of you in Jesus name!

Testimonies of Family Transformation

My name is Monica Maregesi and I was suffering so much in life. My financial life, my health and my marriage were destroyed. Though I am working for the government, I was living like someone who is unemployed because my salary would finish in just two days. 
My first child was born a very weak and fragile baby and from the first day of his life he was sick. And my mother also was sick with what no one could explain what it was. So I would spend my whole salary on them trying to find healing for them in the hospitals and from many different kinds of doctors and medicines but nothing would help. I remember that every time after my money was finished I would go to get loan money, so that I could pay for them. So in the end I ended up having heavy debts.
I couldn’t even buy basic things of life; I was failing to buy food, clothes to wear and also to pay my debts that were piling up every month, I wanted to build my own house but it became an impossible dream. Worse still, after going through all that, my child died. I was devastated because one of the reasons that was bringing all those problems to my life was spending almost everything monthly to heal my child, and in the end he died. I was married by then and my marriage was a total mess. 
My husband was not helping me with anything at all. With great difficulties I was the one feeding and taking care of the family by myself. He didn’t care about anything at all. He was a heavy drunkard, and he would spend a minimum of 100 000 TSH daily in alcohol. While I was struggling, he would not give even money to buy bread. And when he came back from the bar and that would be in the very early hours of the morning, he would turn the house we were living in into chaos; and by that time we were living in the government premises.
He would, without any provocation, attack me and beat me. He would call me with bad names; swear at me with words that I can’t write here. He would start shouting and cursing until morning without allowing anyone to go to sleep, and he knew that in the morning I am suppose to go to work, but he didn’t care. I was feeling humiliated, I lost my dignity, I was ashamed of facing my neighbors; 
I was ashamed of even walking on the street because of the situation in my marriage. I was wondering why my marriage is not working; my husband was a Muslim and I converted to Islam when we got married in an Islamic marriage. I was following all advises and laws of Islam, concerning marriage, for my marriage to be a happy and peaceful, now why was it not working? I e
ven called the religious elders from the mosque who married us to come and counsel us. 
They read for him Albacdir (a certain book read for married people). And he (my husband) changed just for some time and he went back to his old behavior. I called his parents to try to speak to him but he was so stubborn that he ended up even swearing at his own mother. As though that was not enough, our neighbors complained to the authorities about us making noise every day and we got kicked out of the government premises. I got very stressful and depressed. I started to be sick without knowing what I was sick from. I was so seriously sick that I nearly died. I lost a lot of weight.
One Sunday morning I just decided to walk around and look for a church. I was not looking for any particular one but for any church where I could be helped because I couldn’t bear it anymore. So as I was walking through Nyerere road, I saw a building written ‘Jesus Christ is the Lord’, so I went in. I found the service on and I attended. During the service and prayers I felt something like a heavy load leaving my body, and my eyes felt like they have been blind and now they could see. 
I felt power and strength that I didn’t know, by then, where it was coming from but I got an assurance for the first time that my life would change; and also when I arrived at home that Sunday I vomited a big chunk of meat that had a very bad smell. As I continued coming to the church and doing everything the pastor was saying, my health began to change, and within weeks I was completely healthy.
My husband found out that I am going to the church, and because he was a Muslim, he fought me even more; but I continued to go to the church. Then after I got healed I decided that my whole life is going to change. I heard about tithing and its benefits to the one who gives it; I became a tither myself. All the financial difficulties that I had been carrying started to disappear one after the other. I was able to build my own house even without any help of my husband, and I also took my son to study in a private school. I wear the clothing that I want, food is abundant daily in my house.
After seeing all that God was doing for me, I took a serious decision that I was going to fight for my marriage. I had a grudge against my husband for all the bad things he had done and said to me; I decided to forgive him with all my heart. Every Thursday and Sunday morning I would carry with me his photos to the church and praying to God to change him. It wasn’t easy at all because the more I prayed the worse he became. Though he was still abusive in his words, swearing and causing scenes, he was no longer beating me; he was not even coming close to me. It was like I had an invisible shield preventing him from touching me. Sometimes I was becoming frustrated and even thinking of leaving him but the pastor would encourage me not to give up on my marriage but to fight till the end because my husband will change. I continued even more determined, and now also bringing his clothes and writing down his name on a piece of paper and crying out to God to change my marriage. In the campaign of Israel I was asking for something else; when, in the last week before we presented our requests on the altar, I changed my request and asked God to bless my marriage. After presenting my request God answered me and changed my husband to be a good and different man. 
He started to come to the church with me. He even got baptized in the water and left his Islamic religion and accepted the God of Abraham. His parents, who are Muslims, told him that they don’t mind him leaving the religion as long as he is a changed man that he is now. He is so different that sometimes I feel like I’m just dreaming. 
He gives me money and he is very helpful, it is something new to me since we got married. He speaks to me so calmly, with respect and love.
Today I am a very happy woman. I have peace and happiness, God is really great and I can’t thank Him enough.

Mrs Monica Maregesi - UCKG- Tanzania.