Destroy it before it destroys you

An uncontrollable nervousness, a consuming anguish,  this is what people who face extremely difficult problems go through on a day-to-day basis.

Addictions, disturbances, depression…
There are people facing problems in life that are so complex and difficult that causes them to manifest nervousness, oppression, irritability and constant negativity.

Unfortunately, the vast majority sees them as “something natural”, as part of life, however, notice what the Word of God says: “For this was manifested the Son of God: to destroy all the works of the devil ” ( 1 John 3.8 )

The Lord Jesus came into this world with a mission: TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL! 
And what works are these? 
Addiction, depression, nervousness, separation, illness, family problems… 
In short, everything that is bad and has the potential to destroy us, in the short or long term.

Whoever is a victim of an addiction, is upset, depressed, pessimistic… is going through a delicate moment in life, and does not take action against all this, will eventually be destroyed by it  .

But know that the Prophecy can be fulfilled TODAY in your life! Take possession of it and don’t allow destruction to remain in your life in 2014! 

All evil must be destroyed, eradicated from existence, and all that is good must be fed.

Want to find out whether the Prophecy is real? 
Look for the UCKG nearest you!

Proverbi 16:5