Awareness of the sheep

Awareness of the sheep 

The animal most ignorant that there is a sheep. If you put it to the meter of the fold, she did not know back. She will not find the way back, and worse, will be unaware that you are lost.

How to save a lost, if he is not aware of your state?
How do you fall on you?

After World War II, Germany was destroyed. The economy, governmental organization, was a mess! People were lost, and were aware of this.

An old pastor, set up a tent in the middle of the square of the old city. Such was the crowding of people, many could not even get near the tent. At the time of the appeal, many accepted Jesus with tears in his eyes. Many thought: 'I have to lose?'

Years later the German wits, made a lot of things changed there. The economy has stabilized. In southern Germany, each inhabitant had two volkswagen. The people found in material things. Many churches have emptied, and the appeal was not so matched as before.

One day, five visitors came to that church, had their own cars, and a stable life. The pastor preached about the lost sheep. He talked about the need for salvation. He sang a beautiful hymn, which spoke of Jesus, God's offer of the world to save sinners. At the time of appeal, none of the five match. They said, 'No thanks, do not need it there.'

At the conclusion of the service, entered his car to return to their home. A big snowstorm had fallen throughout the day. The visibility was very bad, the slip road. In passing on a train line, did not realize that the light was red. There, that night those five souls departed for eternity!

The question is: Those people were lost there, on the train line?
The answer is no. There in worship with the pastor, were lost, but were unaware of it!

This is characteristic of the sheep - to be lost and have no conscience!

Jesus said he came to save the lost sheep of Israel. As can be lost inside their own home?

The chapter fifteen of Luke gives us the example of three things lost in the household:
The sheep, the drachma and a son.

All had one thing in common: a home.

In the case of the prodigal son, he found himself lost. The term the Bible uses is 'came to himself,' it was as if he could see the distance. Look for yourself.

The son was lost because sin offered him a lot, and gave him almost nothing. The devil is therefore proposed lot and gives nothing. The devil could never put a perfume of a rose, or brightness in a star, or a smiling child. Instead, strip the brightness, the fragrance and the smile of the lost.

In the house of Israel was the best: The faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had the Laws of Moses. It was the home of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel. They had the Temple. However, there were those who were lost, and most did not know it!

The religious heritage, was not enough to 'find' those who were lost. Wealth is not either!

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and is looking for his lost sheep. Some are conscious of their state, others do not. Some in the world, others within your home!

Let us pray that the sheep hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, and so be saved from themselves!