He resurrected. So what?

He resurrected. So what?

After hearing something so much, it ends up losing it’s meaning to us. Repeat a word out loud, fifty times, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. That’s what happens to a lot of messages and Bible stories. We’ve been hearing them basically since birth. If we don’t stop and really think about what they mean, they won’t have any value or benefit to us.

One of these messages is the one which registers one of the most important facts in the Bible: Jesus resurrected. When people hear this, the listener’s face becomes stolid, expressionless, as though saying. “He resurrected. So what? Big deal.”

Fabrice Mumbai (in the middle)

Wait a minute, not so fast. Think about the word “resurrected”—to come back from the dead; he was dead and lived again. Do you have any friends, who are alive today, but were dead and buried for three days? I think not.

March 17, 2012, a soccer player from England fell to the floor unconscious during a game. Fabrice Muamba, 23, suffered a cardiac arrest; he was immediately aided by the paramedic team of the stadium and taken to the hospital. Fabrice’s heart stopped beating for 78 minutes, despite the 15 attempts to resurrect him through a defibrillator. According to doctors, the player was clinically dead during that time period. But miraculously, his heart started to beat again and Fabrice came back to life.

Thank God he’s doing well. Fabrice has such a story that, whether he plays soccer or not, he could write books, give motivational speeches, and make others think about their own death. And he was simply a soccer player, an unknown one, until his heart stopped beating for an hour and 18 minutes. But it was news to the entire world.

And what about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus? Why does the world not even seem to care?

If He resurrected, then:

•He overcame death
•He’s alive until today
•Whoever believes in Him doesn’t need to fear death because they will also resurrect
•The wounds, pain and curses that were upon Him while on the cross are defeated
•One day you will have to appear before Him and give account to how you lived your life
•If you submit to Him in this life, He will allow you to live with Him in the next
These conclusions are not small or of little importance. But what are you going to remember, and probably comment with your friends, after reading this article—about the soccer player or the One who gave His life for you?

Be blessed

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