Tolerating the little foxes.

Tolerating the little foxes -Pr Ricardo

There was a certain farmer who was tired of the frequent attacks by the foxes within his farm so for the fear of the foxes who would constantly come and kill his chickens  he decided to build a very large chicken coop with very high solid walls, a strong roof and a large iron door, all to protect the chicken from the dangerous foxes that would love any opportunity to get inside and enjoy the all you can eat ‘chicken buffet’.

The building was completed but unfortunately a very small space was left under the doors enough for the little foxes to go through during the night, leaving his farm almost totally destroyed. All his hard work was a big disappointment simply because of the little foxes who could get inside and kill as many chickens as the big foxes.

This is exactly what happens today with many ‘Christians’ who decide to cut out or avoid the ‘big’ sins such as; stealing, fornicating, addictions etc. but unfortunately have being tolerating the little foxes (little sins) by leaving space for them to slip under the door e.g. White lies, deceit, gossip etc.

There is no point of not committing the ‘big’ sins if you have being tolerating the ‘little’ ones because the little foxes make as much mess as the big ones.

And at the end of the day the most important thing is your salvation, so protect it and make sure there is no tolerance towards the little foxes…