It’s a very difficult task to persuade someone into changing and most of the time, when it doesn’t work, we tend to insist on it.

We must understand that it’s not possible to change one’s behavior before being the change ourselves.

Usually we understand that the best way to show the others the way we want them to be is by showing them the things they need to do and how, and then make them feel guilty. It doesn’t work but we insist on such attitude.

If we tell someone that drinking is very wrong he immediately gets angry, slams the door, leaves and goes back to drinking even more than before.

If we say to someone that there’s something wrong with him because he did not do well at school, we quickly expect that person to study more because of that, but on the contrary he gets angry and study less than usual.

If we think someone is wrong just because he doesn’t give ears to what we say we will never get the results expected and that person will end up ignoring everything you say.

Changes don’t happen just like this, but through an agreement that will allow both parts to walk together. One can be an example for the other without having to point out the mistakes of the other. The Only One who can do that is God.

Therefore let us not spend our lives trying to change people’s lives, may it be your partner, your children, your friends, your boss, your colleagues at work, etc…

Let us just do our part by turning our eyes to us and see what needs to be changed and from there become an example and also pray and believe that the Holy Spirit will do His work and decide when and if the others really need the change we believe they do.

“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron”. (Isaiah 45:2)

May God bless you abundantly,
By Bishop Gilson Costa