Women of the Bible in real time: The Gentile (Canaanite) woman, perseverance

Women of the Bible in real time: The Gentile (Canaanite) woman, perseverance

I couldn’t finish this series “Women of the Bible in real times” without talking about the Gentile woman also known as the Canaanite woman. The Bible does not mention her name, but we have much to learn from her.
The Canaanites were an enemy of the Jewish people; they had different beliefs and customs.

She certainly had heard of the miracles Jesus had done and she went off to look for Him. Her daughter was sick and she needed a solution urgently.

There were many barriers that were in her way to reach Him, but her faith and courage was stronger than any preconception.
Jesus at first ignored her, but she insisted and heard this answer: "It isn’t right to take food from the children and throw it to the dogs.”

With these words, one might expect her to allow her feelings to emerge and overwhelm her, to turn around and just leave. Giving up is always the easiest path.

Although, she was aware that she was truly not worthy, she persevered because she knew that He alone had the solution and very humbly said, "That’s true, Lord, but even dogs are allowed to eat the scraps that fall beneath their masters’ table.”

The Lord Jesus was astonished with so much faith and had to bless her.
We women are usually very sentimental, we can be full of faith, and perseverance, but suddenly we allow our emotions to emerge and within seconds everything goes downhill.

Rude words, a reprimand, a lack of attention, are reasons enough to sadden us and leave us feeling devastated.
We cannot allow our emotions to annihilate our faith.

How many people haven’t already abandoned their faith because of little things? Because someone didn’t say good morning, or he or she turned their face and did not answer them, and because of something so insignificant they missed out on their miracle.

Imagine if the Gentile woman had gotten mad, with the "no" she received from Jesus, her daughter would have never been healed.
Living by faith is being immune to all these things that try to prevent us from reaching our blessings and are just there to divert our attention.

Take this into account, be a woman of iron and not of glass.