“The 3 steps for you to fall” - Pr Ricardo Silva

“The 3 steps for you to fall”

1 – Do not mediate on the Word of God - Be busy especially with facebook, twitter, chatting with people online, news, Internet, talking with friends over the phone etc… Make sure you have no time for the Word of God so Satan can really work in your mind with evil thoughts and use the media to tempt you and lead you to become addicted.

2 – Never fast - To fast biblically means to bring spiritual results. It was so important that before Jesus began His ministry, He fasted as a way to gain spiritual strength. So if you are lazy when it comes to fasting, know that you are placing yourself in danger.

3 – Only pray in the church or say a quick prayer before you go to bed so you can feel good about yourself. You cannot be in communion with someone that you do not talk to. The communion comes by talking, the more you talk with someone the closer you become and the better you will know about them. Therefore if you despise the intimacy of talking to God your will fall will be imminent.