We are stronger than our challenges!

The moment I read Deuteronomy 20. 3 and thought about all the problems and persecutions we face in life, I realised that there is clear evidence that we can become stronger than all our challenges.

That is the spirit of everyone who belongs to the UCKG and everyone who is born of God.

The further people push our rights away, the faster we run. The world can deny us and people can turn their faces away pretending that we are not there.

This does not bother us at all! There is something inside so strong, “The Holy Spirit”, our faith, the promises of God and a dream, yes a dream to conquer and show the world that our God is alive!!!

If you missed the event at the stadium or at any of our branches during the Easter weekend, don’t despair for the same Spirit who was there with us, is still here amongst us to make you grow taller than your problems.

Let us rise then, let us leave our past behind us, what is past is past. Hold onto good moments to cheer you and keep you excited. Use the bad moments in your life as a reference, a map, to make sure you never make the same mistakes again.

Be bold people of UCKG, be strong South Africa, because there is something inside of us so strong – The Holy Spirit!

He wants to be in your life as well. So, stop complaining and whining about your problems. Do not stay home anymore asking why you were born.

Rather, join us and become taller than all the barriers in your life! Come and learn to run faster than your afflictions.

I bless you all to run faster than all injustices and achieve your dreams!

Bishop Marcelo Pires