Cut it at the root

The banana tree is sturdy and resilient even if it looks weak. Unbelievable as it seems to be, no fire or typhoon can kill it. Even if one cuts its body into a thousand pieces, it still can survive. The only way by which a banana tree can be prevented from growing again is to uproot it completely.

When we want to get rid of a tree permanently, we know we must kill the root. The reason we get frustrated with our problems is that we often keep dealing with the “leaves and branches” of our problems, the things we see, but not with the root causes that feed them.

For instance, a couple may deal with the problem of constant fighting by apologising to each other, promising to be nicer next time, managing to keep the peace for a few days, until a new argument comes up and the cycle starts again.
What they may not realise is that apologies and promises to change are like cutting off leaves and branches of a tree. Give it time and they’ll grow again.
A permanent solution is to cut off the root of all the arguments.
The problem is that, like most people, the couple may not even know what the root cause of their problem is!

It is NOT normal:
•To repeatedly fail in your relationships
•To work hard and never have money
•To be sick all the time
•To feel empty inside or depressed
•To be addicted
•To have no peace in your marriage or family
•To never accomplish anything

No matter what people have told you about this, deep inside yourself something tells you that this is not the way your life should be. This is the voice you should listen to. That’s why, on 11th September, we will start a series of seven meetings over 7 Sundays, called “The Root Event”.

As you progress through the meetings, you will learn how to uncover the root of your problems; how to cut off the root, and how to put down new, good roots for a permanent change.
Get ready for it and start spreading the news.
May God bless you abundantly!
Bishop Celso Junior.