True Belief

▬ To believe in God is to believe in His Word. And to believe in the Word is to believe in its Author. Whoever says he believes in God but doesn’t practice His Word is deceiving himself. Christian churches are full of people just like that.

▬ According to the Bible, to believe is much more than merely assuming or accepting the truth about an issue or the assertions of someone. Technically, yes; but, from a spiritual point of view, when we believe, we give ourselves unconditionally to the one we believe in. Marriage, as shown in the Bible, is an example of belief.

▬ When a person sincerely believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, he gives himself to Him—body, soul and spirit. The Lord Jesus, in turn, gives him the Holy Spirit without measure (John 3.34).

▬ Belief demands practice. If we don’t practise the will (the Word) of God, it means that we don’t believe in Him. Jesus shows the difference between the two kinds of beliefs when He speaks about a man who told his two sons to work in his vineyard. The first son said he wouldn’t go, but he did. And the second son said he would go, but he didn’t. 
➜ “Which of the two did the will of his father?” Jesus asked (Matthew 21.28-31).

▬ Abraham is an example of what it means to believe. That’s because his belief was followed by obedience to the Word of God. Many believe in the God, but only a few have truly given themselves to Him. Ask and answer this question yourself: ➜ “Lord, have I believed and practised your Word or have I just accepted the truth of it?”

Be Blessed!

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