Try To Understand This! - Bishop Marcelo Pires

In a documentary about the wreck of the Titanic, explorers had to send in a remote controlled robot to reach such depths in the ocean. Because of the pressure, no man could dive that deep and not even submarines could reach it.

Interestingly enough, the camera installed in the robot not only showed images of the wreckage of the Titanic, but also very tiny fishes swimming around.

How can this be? 
Those fish were so small and looked so fragile as if we could rip them apart by hand, yet they were swimming around without any sign of “pressure” or bulging eyes.

The answer is simple. The pressure inside those fishes is greater than the pressure outside in the depths of the sea.
Now, try to understand the reason why the doors of the Universal Church never closed when we faced persecution, defamation and were hated by the brothers of Cain. Instead the Church spread and grew worldwide.

Try to understand this. Why is the fury of those who hate the Church so ineffective and powerless!

Why do all the attacks on Bishop Macedo and other bishops, pastors, assistants and members of the Universal Church not work?

Why do we still see “servants” leaving the altar, the Church and even God? One day they came to the Church, they were healed and prospered, but the pressure inside them was less than the attractions of this world .

The pressure that is within us is stronger than all the opposition we face, because the Universal Church is a result of the works of the Holy Spirit and it is from Him that we get this strength to face and overcome hell itself!

When we are born of God and receive the Holy Spirit, the pressure inside of us becomes greater than the pressure of sins, addictions, pornography, prostitution, hate, envy, etc…

During these 21 days your inner strength can become greater than the pressure of this world. Remember, the devil’s strategy is to remove you from the New Jerusalem