COME HOME - 2012 Christmas.mp4

Come Home…
This could mean so much in so many different ways.
Here are just a few scenarios to mention:
The prodigal son coming back home to his dad after wasting his fortune and going hungry.
A backslider coming back to the House of his Father – God.
A wife’s come home plea to a runaway husband.
Overseas workers coming home to visit their family and loved-ones.
A mother, by the name of Elena Gucana, praying for her missing son to come back home.

My son was 14 years old when he started out drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, until it became an addiction.   By the time he reached college, he was hooked on drugs and this is when he started to behave differently. He was violent and would vandalize our home. I paid for his one full semester tuition fee, just to find out later that he had already dropped out of school.
I had been so devastated by all of this trying to understand WHAT WENT WRONG? For a few months he had gone missing and I felt so helpless.
I thank God today as my son has come back home. With much prayer and sacrifice he has now changed a lot. He is currently employed and no longer addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. He is no longer violent or abusive to the family.
-Elena Gucana

(by Pastor Pang 彭偉倫)