A woman’s role model - Mrs Ester Bezerra

A woman’s role model
(Mrs Ester Bezerra)

The Bible teaches that a wise woman builds her house, and the virtuous one far exceeds the value of precious jewellery.

What kind of wisdom or virtue can be found in a woman that we could call her a “role model”? 
Would it be intellectual ability? 
Or dedication to her home? 
To the children? 
To her husband? 
What really differentiates her from one who does not fear God?

Referring to a wise woman, the Bible mentions one who uses more reasoning than emotion. Studies of human relations show that man tends to be more rational while woman in general is more emotional. Biblically speaking, it makes a lot of sense, because the devil did not try to tempt Adam in the first place, but Eve. And why? Because Eve was more fragile in terms of emotions. Satan noticed the weakness of the first woman and tempted her.

He used only words of doubt to motivate her curiosity. And once curiosity was conceived, it took Eve to disobey God. Dear friend, the wisdom of a woman of God is in her reasoning, because her decisions are made in accordance with intelligent faith and not based on her emotions.

The emotive character is noticeable in children; they do not reason, they act moved by momentary feelings. Because of this, they cannot be left alone and must always be watched. A wise woman is virtuous and her thoughts are in line with God’s thoughts. Before acting, she reasons, weighs consequences, evaluates her attitudes. Unfortunately many get married because of emotions. But of these, how many remain married?

The word of God warns us about how deceitful a human heart can be: “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?” (Jeremiah 17.9). 

In conclusion, we can say that while the wise and reasoning woman builds her house, the woman dragged by emotions will destroy it with her bare hands.