Why do I need to sacrifice to receive the Holy Spirit?- Pr. Ricardo Silva.

For I, the Lord your God,  am  a jealous God… (Exodus 20:5)
The reason is simple, because God is jealous and He does not accept to divide us with anything or even anyone else…. And this is why we must sacrifice and this is simply why our sacrifice must be all. Starting with

Spiritually – To detox from the worldly things and sacrificing anything that has  been taking over all your mind.

Physically – Sin, because sin has to do with the flesh desires of the heart, feelings and etc…

Financially – He wants us to make Him to be our special treasure, not the money, gold or all the possession of this world. That is why is must be offered to Him as a sign of surrender…

It must be a complete surrender and when He is the only One in our life, so then He come…. What a Day!!!

Go and go with all your strength…