Get over it!

Many people think we should live by faith and forget about the past. This is a true and wise train of thought.
Let us look at your past from a different perspective. An incident which occurred in my life a few years ago will give you a better understanding of what I want to say.
I was visiting a very big shopping centre which had a huge parking lot to accommodate the multitude of people who arrived, each driving their own vehicles.
I am not sure how many parking levels I drove through looking for a bay. Finally, after a very long search, I found one! I parked the car, locked the doors and walked off with my wife.

After doing what we needed to, I asked my wife to wait for me at the pay point machine so that I could go and get the car and save her the long walk.
Guess what? I had forgotten on which parking level and precisely where the car was parked. It took me hours to find our vehicle — simply because I had not memorised the route we used going into the mall.

If I had only paid attention, I would have known which the way I had taken and would not have spent so much time in finding the car.
Forget about your past, but do not forget where you came from and where you fell down so that you can avoid getting lost and falling into the same trap again.

If you have had harsh experiences in life, if circumstances made you cry or caused you to have regrets, it is better for you to put your past behind you, close that chapter and start a new one in your life. Otherwise, sooner or later, those bad moments will probably make you feel insecure about your tomorrow.
Whenever I visit a big shopping mall and drive through a vast parking lot, I make sure I take note of points of reference so I will not get lost again.

To those of you who have experienced regret for following bad advice or making bad choices, think about what went wrong, and make sure NEVER to make the same mistakes again.

As for bad memories, get over them, and look forward  – for faith has nothing to do with  your past.

God bless you,