Only for those who have the right /Blog Bishop Julio freitas

This is not for everyone, it’s for those who can! 
When we want to have control over our lives we have to exercise our AUTHORITY, which is the dominion over everything that might threaten us or that which we want to achieve!

The right or power to demand obedience, supremacy, dominance … human beings, in general, always like to have some sort of control or power over the events surrounding them, especially about your own life! But, is it really possible to have control over the events that surround us?

Obviously, only God is Omniscient, and knows all things, however, He gave to man this same AUTHORITY, provided that he lives his life by God’s Principles (His Word). Adam had the AUTHORITY conferred to him by God, but ended up losing it when he stepped away from His Presence.

Under what circumstances can we use this AUTHORITY? 
Firstly, only those who are not in debt can use the AUTHORITY!
 What kind of debt?
 In debt to whom? 
We’re not talking about financial debts, but rather, when we are at fault with our neighbor, society and especially with God.

When we owe someone or an entity, we live in fear, we get complacent, we feel intimidated and, eventually, we just gave up … But not the faithful tithers! Because they are not in debt with their faithfulness to God, nor do they owe man in their responsibilities.

That’s why, while we are FAITHFUL tithers, not only can we use ALL OF OUR AUTHORITY, both physically and spiritually, as this is not only our right, but also our duty, as it will all result in our testimony that will glorify God!